A Frame Designer Help

There are two options for designing an A Frame:

  • Option A: Using the A Frame Designer
  • Option B: Upload your content and instructions, and we’ll design your A Frame and send a proof before printing.

For detailed help, watch the video on Using the A Frame Designer. We also suggest you review the Image Management and other information below.

Using the A Frame Designer

The A Frame Designer explained

The A Frame Designer components
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The A Frame Designer has three main areas:

  • The stage – where we create our design. The stage has a menu at top with save, print and reset functions
  • The side bar – where details of the current operation are shown
  • The tool bar – list elements of the design on which we want to focus, upload images, create text and show our saved designs

Select an element of the design by clicking on the stage, or by selecting the Edit Elements dropdown list on the Toolbar
Editing options available will depend on the element selected.

Hint: If you have trouble grabbing hold of an element with your mouse cursor, click the Save button and try again.

Image management

  1. Uploaded images must be in png, jpg or gif formats
  2. Maximum image width 3000 pixels
  3. Maximum image height 3000 pixels
  4. Minimum image width 50 pixels
  5. Minimum image height 50 pixels

When uploading images which include text, load the largest image you have within the constraints above. Otherwise the text may be pixelated when the image is blown up for printing.

In general, loading images of maximum size within the constraints above will give the best results.


Print Size

The A Frame printed area is 600mm wide by 900mm high. This aspect ratio should be born in mind when designing images for upload to the A Frame Designer.